About Us

About Us

Welcome to The Cider Mill!! We are the Seiter’s!! Tom, Sue, Kristin, Kim, Brittany and Victoria.

Just a little background…

I guess it all began one snowy evening in our tiny kitchen, back in Michigan. After the birth of a set of twins, Brittany and Victoria, I found myself in a family room and kitchen for the better part of my days, watching children. Not that I really minded that, I signed up for it, but I was used to working. Okay, I was bored, going crazy, and needed something else. I have a lot of hobbies, buy my passion is cooking. I really don’t know how I got it—my mom was a June Cleaver cook—always good, but basic—a limited repertoire. Perfect, I need to improve. Back then, there was no food channel and definitely no good cooking classes around me—I have to hit the books. I read Settlement, Joy of Cooking and Betty Crocker numerous times, cover to cover, like novels. The next step is to move into action—I practiced. I started to cook for the neighborhood!!Thumbs up or thumbs down, I began my journey.

Years march on, kids grow, different people have different needs, times change, but my passion continued to grow. I started a catering company and it was successful right off the bat with the continued support of my husband Tom, and the girls. It was a family affair. Everyone was involved in one way or another—cooking, serving, or whatever needed to be done. Big parties, small parties, personal meals, you name it—I did it.

Once again, life happens, and after a great run in Michigan, we move to Arizona. Not knowing anyone in town, my business goes to the back burner, but my passion and core beliefs stay strong. I realize, here, I have so many resources to grow and fine tune my talent. I take advantage of the opportunity. Five years later, we are able to open The Cider Mill, with the whole family involved.

Please come and enjoy the comfort, warmth and coziness of The Cider Mill. I think you’ll embrace the atmosphere and want second helpings on the food!! The Cider Mill is about the closeness of our family and the dedication to the community to give back.



Meet Vicky

One of my first memories as a child is watching my mom do everything, especially cook. I was always very interested in what was happening in the kitchen. In my family, the kitchen is the epicenter- food, entertainment, camaraderie, and creation. There is always a lot of commotion in our humble abode; people coming and going, eating and drinking, phones and faxes, but one thing always remained constant-we always found time to eat with one another. As I got older I really started to pick up cooking as a hobby. I watched and learned as my mom’s catering business took off and eventually became an active member in the creating and executing process. Naturally when it came time for employment I jumped head first into the food service industry. I have held numerous positions over the years as a bus person, cater waitress, dishwasher, egg cracker, yogurt guru, bartender, and in-house chef. I feel that it is extremely important to know the business from the bottom up in order to provide great service for my customers. So while your life is full of chaos from business, phones, emails, blogs, you name it—you can count on us for a fresh, fast, and fabulous meal. Welcome to The Cider Mill!




Meet Brittany

Growing up in the Seiter household, I learned that the kitchen is more than a place to cook. It’s the social center of the house and it’s a place where meals are not made, they are created. I have watched my mother, Sue, and my sister, Vicky, pour their hearts and souls into these creations. As a result, anytime I walked into the house it always smelled fantastic. Everyone that came to dinner always wanted to hang out in the kitchen, where this wonderful smell was originating from, and because the kitchen is where we traditionally socialize. The Cider Mill has an open kitchen, purposely so you can watch these chefs at work and so you can be part of the conversation too. I hope you will enjoy your experience at The Cider Mill as much as I have.



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